Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Web2Notify R1 Released!

JawTek's latest project Web2Notify has been released. Web2Notify is designed to bridge the gap between the web and your notify client (i.e. Growl™, Snarl™, Mumbles™).

So let's say you have one of your favorite Web 2.0 apps running in the browser that is sitting in the background while you do something else. As the app updates itself it may come across something it want's to send you a message about without interrupting what your working on. Currently the only method by which a Javascript application can send a message that escapes the browser chrome is the alert() function that pops up a little message box in front of what ever your doing, which in the case of letting you know that there is new mail or that a different song is playing is at best overly obnoxious.

What Web2Notify does is it adds functionality to Javascript that allows messages to be sent to the local notification client, currently it only has support for Window's native message balloons or Snarl, but as the project progresses more clients and operating systems will be included. The best part is that a web app doesn't have to have support for Web2Notify built in, it can be added using userscripts!

Web2Notify can be found at:

And userscripts that add Web2Notify functionality can be found at:
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